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Now, more than ever, people of all ages need elected officials that represent their views on school boards, city and town councils, or county boards. 

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FAQ for Voting by Mail or Absentee Voting

Am I eligible to vote?

Yes! If you are...
*18 years or older on Election Day
*U.S. Citizen A resident of Wyoming
*Have not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted, have had voting rights restored

Do I have to be registered in WY to receive an Absentee Ballot?

Yes. For more information on Registering to Vote visit 

How do I request an Absentee Ballot?

*By Phone – Call the County Clerk's Office 307-332-1089
*By Mail – Print, fill out the WY Absentee Ballot Request Form get it notarized, & mail or drop off to your county clerk's office  
*By Email – Put “Absentee Ballot Request” in the email subject line
*In Person – Ask for an Absentee Ballot at your county clerk’s office
*Online - Print & Fill out the Wyoming Absentee Ballot Request Form, mail it, drop it off at the County Clerk's Office, or Drop it in the only secure, ballot dropbox behind the Fremont County Courthouse

When will I receive or pick up my Absentee Ballot?

Any registered voter can obtain their Absentee Ballot as early as 45 days prior to the election but not on Election Day. 
Absentee Ballots will be mailed 45 days before the election to all voters that have requested that an Absentee Ballot be mailed. If you request the Absentee Ballot after 45 days it will be sent as soon as possible. 

Where do I return my Absentee Ballot?

4 options to get it back to the County Clerk's Office: 1. Email it, putting “Absentee Ballot Request” in the subject line 2. Drop it in the secure, ballot dropbox behind the the Lander Courthouse 3. Hand deliver it to the County Clerk’s Office 4. Mail it, best to drop it off at your county clerk's office!

How do I track my Absentee Ballot?

Contact the County Clerk's Office 307-332-1089

FAQ for Voting In Person

Is same day registration & voting available in WY?

YES! You may Register to Vote and Cast a Ballot on the same day on Election Day at Fremont County's 8 local Voting Centers or Polling Places. But, why wait, Register Now!

What acceptable ID will I need to register? You must show one on the following ID's...

*Wyoming Driver’s License; United States Passport
*Driver’s License or ID Card issued by any State or Outlying Possession of the US
*ID Card issued by the Federal Government, or any State or Local Government 
*A tribal ID of any Federally Recognized Tribe
*Photo ID Card from the University of Wyoming, a Wyoming Community College, or a Wyoming Public School 
*US Military Card or ID Card issued to a Dependent of a member of the USAF 

*Valid Medicare or Medicaid insurance card

Visit the to learn more.

If I DO NOT have the above ID's, What are other acceptable documents will I need ? 

Visit the WY Secretary of State 

Where are the Voting Centers or Polling Places? 

The Open from 7am - 7pm on Primary and General Election Day
Find out where you can vote in person on Election Day. Voter Information Guide

Do I need a "Real ID" to vote in WY?

You do not need a “REAL ID” to vote in Wyoming.
**Your driver’s license or state ID card will show a star in the top right corner if it meets REAL ID requirements under federal law. Wyoming REAL ID info
The REAL ID deadline is now May 3, 2023.

Am I eligible to vote ?

Yes! If you are ...
*18 years old or older on Election Day 
*US citizen
*A resident of WY
*Have not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted, have had voting rights restored.