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2021 Primary Candidate Election Guide coming soon...

Meet the Candidates... 
Use this as your guide to learn about the candidates, their platform, and how they see the future of Fremont County, Wyoming, and the country.

THE BALLOT: The Primary Election determines candidates from each party to compete in the General Election.

Your primary ballot will contain only the names of candidates of the party with which you are registered.

If you registered as an Independent AND live outside of an incorporated town, you will not vote in the Primary Election.

Primary Day is August 18

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Primary Election Day

Call NOW, to see if you are STILL registered and if you are ask about getting your Absentee Ballot to Vote sent to your home! 307-332-1088 or 307-332-1089

Voting in person? You have 2 options:
1. Register and Vote for the State of WY Primary Election now until August 17 at the Lander County Courthouse. And, while you are there ask for & fill out an absentee ballot request form for the General Election!  
2. Register & Vote in person at ANY Voting Centers on the State Primary Election Day, Tuesday, August 18.
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Fremont County has 8 Polling Places now called Voting Centers. All Fremont County voters can vote at ANY Fremont County Voting Center (Polling Place).

Masks are required.

For other voting information, visit the County Clerk website, Facebook, or call 307-332-1088 or 307-332-1089

Thank you for Being A Voter!

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Early In-Person Voting

You can Register AND Vote EARLY
beginning Friday, 09.18 until Monday, 11.03 for the General Election at the Fremont County Courthouse Elections Office, at 450 N. 2nd St., Room 120, Lander.

Open Monday - Friday 8a -5p

Take your completed Absentee Ballot to the Lander Courthouse Election Office, run it through the election machine, & you are done!

Or Drop off your Absentee Ballot in the secure, Ballot Dropbox located behind the Lander Courthouse 24/7.

Print and fill out your Absentee Ballot Request Form or pick one up at your courthouse. 

Register and Vote Early

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Candidate Forums coming soon...

LWVFC in collaboration with County 10 & Wind River Internet, invites you to join us in person or virtually and learn about the candidates and their platforms

See you there!

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General Election

Vote Without Leaving Your House with an Absentee Ballot!

How do I get an Absentee Ballot Request Form? Check out these 4 easy options 

2 options for Voting in person... 
1. Register & Vote in person at the Lander County Clerk's Office from Friday, September 18, until Monday, November 3, 2020. There is a voting machine in the office, and you are done! Open Monday -Friday, 8a -5p

2. Register & Vote in person no matter where you live in Fremont County, at ANY Voting Center on General Election Day, Tuesday, November 3

All Fremont County Voters may vote at ANY of the 8 Voting Centers also called polling places.

*You may request an Absentee Ballot Form at any time during the calendar year in which the election is held. But not State Primary Election Day, 08.18 or the General Election Day, 11.3

General Election Day is November 3

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The 2021 General Election Guide coming soon...

Meet the Candidates.

Use this as your guide to learn about the candidates, their platform, and how they see the future of Fremont County, Wyoming, and the country.

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