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*The Fremont County Election Office must
purge the names of everyone from its voter database who did not vote in the 2020 General Election making these people ineligible to vote until they Re-Register to Vote. In fact, 66,301 people or 23% of WY's total registered voters were removed from the voter rolls in 2019.

Want to Update or Change Your Party Affiliation? You have until May 15, 2024 so, call the Fremont County Clerks Office now 307-332-1088 or 307-332-1089

Have you Moved, Changed Your Name, Become a US citizen?  Call the Fremont County Clerk’s Office 307-332-1088 or 307-332-1089 to update your address, your name, or update your citizen status. 

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Register To Vote

Elections 2024
Primary Election—August 20
General Election—November 5

• Be 18 years of age by Election Day • Be a U.S. citizen and county resident • Not convicted of a felony, or if convicted, has had civil or voting rights restored • Not be adjudicated mentally incompetent

Acceptable ID •
A valid WY driver’s license or ID card
• No WY driver’s license or ID card?
Provide your Social Security number and another government-issued ID, such as •Driver’s license or other ID from another state • U.S. passport •Military, tribal or WY student ID

Register In Person/By Mail
• At the office of your County Clerk or Town Clerk • At the polls during early voting or on Election Day • Mail a completed voter registration form to your County Clerk’s office

Need More Election Information, Visit WY SOS

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1.Give your time or talent: volunteer, give your skill
2.Give your voice: sign a petition, speak up for a cause
3.Give Money: donate or fundraise for LWVFC
4.Give kindness: give a voter a ride to the polls
5.Give information: give the voter election guide

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